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Apr 7 2014

Golf Tip – Adding Distance & Enjoyment

There aren’t too many people that complain about hitting the ball too far. Everyone would like to add some distance to their game and many would like to add significant distance. Before we go much further though, you have to remember that if you work on adding distance you also need to work on adding accuracy or you’ll find those tee shots that used to be going into the right rough will soon be going 30 yards further into the right rough!

There are two ways to add distance to your golf shots:

1.         Increase the speed at which the club-head travels.

2.         Consistently strike the ball on the “sweet spot” of the clubface.

This post with focus on club head speed.

The golf swing can be broken down into three general components: the body provides balance and support, the hands give the shot direction, and the arms provide much of the speed. Therefore, the faster you swing your arms – in rhythm – the faster the club-head (and the ball) will travel. 

One of the best ways to improve the strength and speed with which you swing your arms is to swing a weighted golf club. Professional golfers and baseball players have been training with weighted clubs and bats for generations. By specifically strengthening the muscles in your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders, golfers can gain much better control of the club throughout the swing while also adding considerable club-head speed.

Read More…

This golf tip was provided by Derek Thornley, Director of Instruction, Golf Institute at Fraserview. You can contact Derek at 604-257-6923 or by email to

Aug 26 2013

August Range Night

May 24 2012

Tips from Vancouver Parks Golf

Mo (Mewail) Kidane of The Golf Institute at Fraserview and James Harper from the McCleery Golf Academy were interviewed by Vancouver Province reporter Jared Gnam. Mo provided tips on the correct grip and stance, using less power, avoiding the hook and the slice and being properly and professionally fit for clubs. James provides tips on choosing the right golf ball and putting.

“A quick and easy adjustment for those who hook or slice the golf ball when teeing off is to simply adjust where you stand inside the tee box”, says Kidane. “If you slice the ball left to right, move your tee to the right side of the tee box. And if you hook or draw the ball from right to left, you want your tee on the left side”, he says.

“This will sort of trick your eyes into shooting into the middle of the fairway.”

Read the full article – Get from the sand trap to the green.

Visit our Team page for more info about Mo. To book a lesson with Mo contact the golf shop at 604-257-6923. We are running a lesson special for the months of June an July - Buy a 3 or 5 lesson package and get one additional lesson FREE.


Jan 19 2012

To all parents with little golfers…

Make golf more fun!
Most of us have been around golf long enough to have heard “bend your knees”, “keep your head down”, “keep your eye on the ball”… I have even heard “don’t forget to breathe”. These tips won’t help fast track your child’s passion or learning for the game of golf, so skip them. Instead, do your best to create a fun non intimidating environment for them to play the game and sure enough they will improve fast just by DOING. Here are a few ideas to help create a fun non intimidating environment:

  • Play a course that is the right length! You are only doing your child a dis- service by playing a full length golf course. The object of the game is to put the ball in the hole, if the hole is physically far away and might take them 15 shots to get it in, they will feel intimidated and not have much fun. Start them close to the hole. They will want to put the ball in the hole right away and the sense of achievement will make them enjoy the game!
  • If they can hit their driver 40 yards don’t start them from longer than 80 yards from the hole. LET THEM TEE IT UP EVERYWHERE. The rules of golf are for competition play, alter them as much as possible to let your child have more fun. Let them take two whiffs and then allow them to throw the ball. Let them keep advancing along the golf hole so they get to their goal FASTER.

Golf should be fun for adults too!
How do we make golf more fun for adults too? This is a great question which needs to be addressed by the golf industry as a whole. With so many rules and so much etiquette the game can appear as NOT FUN to youngsters in the beginning. Make it fun for them, create new games on the fly. For this hole we are only going to use 1 club or the least amount of putts on this hole wins… GET CREATIVE, HAVE FUN and they will love the game just like you!

 - James Presnail is a PGA of Canada Teaching Professional with the Golf Institute at Fraserview. He is also the Head Golf Professional at Gleneagles Golf Course in West Vancouver. You can contact James at 604-921-7353 (golf shop), 604-318-0306 (cell) or

Oct 8 2011

Golf Tip – Chipping & Targets

May you hit it where you are looking…
Physical technique aside, picking a landing spot for the ball is something you always need to focus on while chipping.  It’s kind of like driving your car to the grocery store. In order to get to the grocery store, you find a secondary target – the parking lot.  Similarly in chipping the target destination is the hole, but you should only be trying to imagine a landing area appropriate for the ball to come to rest near the hole. So even if you are trying to sink the chip shot, the hole shouldn’t be where you are aiming. Aim where you want the ball to land!

What is your target?
While I have you on the topic of targets I want you to ponder this:  Let’s say I go out for a round of golf and shoot 78.  The actual hole is only my target 5-10 times out of those 78 strokes.  How is that possible?  The hole isn’t my target off the tee, it usually isn’t my target from the fairway, it isn’t my target chipping, and it is very rarely my target while putting, unless the putt inside 2 ft and dead straight. So take the time to think about what your target really is.

If you have any questions about the hole not being your target or any other golf techniques please send me an email at and I would love to chat about it.
- James Presnail, TCCP Level 4, Head Golf Professional, PGA of Canada

Sep 21 2011

Golf Tip – Target Alignment

Target Alignment

So many times in golf we forget that our objective is to propel a ball towards a target.  We get so caught up in “trying” to hit the ball that we forget that what is most important is not the ball but the target.

Here is a tip to help you stay aware of the target throughout your full golf swing.

Pick a target either on the range or the golf course.  Create a very clear picture of that target in your mind.  Your visualization of the target should be so clear that you can still picture it when you look down at the ball.  With this picture in your mind take a golf swing. REMEMBER don’t ever lose the picture of the target from start to finish.  You may find the golf ball becomes fuzzy to your eye or that you are no longer staring at the golf ball but merely gazing at it.  If you can get into this state you are much more attached to the target and your body will eventually react accordingly.

Target awareness is something most amateur golfers have not given much practice, however consider this statement: Most professional golfers stare at the target and glance at the golf ball; most amateur golfers glance at the target and stare at the golf ball.  Food for thought!

-  Tom Monaghan , TCCP Level 5, Head Golf Professional, PGA of Canada

To learn more from our instructors come see us at TGIFraserview – 6042576923.